Micha Millinery was founded by Chelsea Micha in June 2016 from a casual bespoke service. Success led Chelsea Micha to create a brand with a wide range of universal beautiful lady’s occasion hats. These occasions include, but are not exclusive to, weddings, racing meets and garden parties.

 Chelsea Micha started her journey as a milliner after attending a fashion course. She found hats intriguing and began self-teaching techniques from books and deconstructing and reconstructing hats from charity shops. She then attended formal training classes from milliners such as Rachel Drewer and Rose Cory. Continually practicing these techniques within her small casual bespoke business, her company Micha Millinery was born and her dreams grew. In September 2016, she started on a yearlong Millinery course at Kensington and Chelsea College, while concurrently gaining work experience from the prestigious Laura Apsit Livens. In the early months of 2017 Chelsea Micha also returned to Rose Cory, the Queen Elizabeth’s Queen Mother’s Milliner, for more specialist training. 

 Each collection and product designed and crafted by Micha Millinery gives a glimpse into the personality of milliner Chelsea Micha. Her inspirations come from nature, English heritage and traditions, with heavy influences of traditional millinery. Within her work can be seen her appreciation of beauty within simplicity, her adoration of natural forms and a tasteful use of colour.